Less Plastic


Less Plastic! DAB's commitment to environmental sustainability
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Attention and care for the environment are fundamental aspects of the DAB philosophy: this is why Less Plastic is born ! , a project that, involving the whole company, also becomes a cultural challenge to increase more and more the commitment to environmental sustainability . The intent is to gradually but progressively reduce the plastic materials used.

Inside the factories, the first initiatives that will be undertaken are already partially visible. Where possible, plastic bottles will be eliminated from vending machines and replaced with aluminum cans or cartons ; glasses and chopsticks will be supplied in biodegradable material and hot drink dispensers will be equipped with a sensor that will allow you to use your own cups . Finally, the fountains will be replaced with new hot or cold, still or sparkling water dispensers. At the same time, metal water bottles have been delivered to everyone .

All this will take place gradually over time and in the various locations.
It is important to keep in mind that, with a view to sustainable living, it is possible to make some daily gestures that are small but fundamental such as the correct differentiation of waste, which in DAB will be facilitated by the introduction of new special containers in the offices and common areas.
So, Give Green a Chance!