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DAB Bulletin: GFCI Breakers
  • Category: Product

The Esybox and Esybox Mini 3 pumps are made to follow rules that prevent them from interfering with radio signals, using a special filter. This filter stops them from sending out unwanted radio waves by directing any stray energy into the ground wire.

The Esybox can send up to 2.0 milliamps and the Esybox Mini 3 up to 2.5 milliamps through the ground wire, which is below the level that would usually cause a safety device known as a Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (GFCI) to turn off the power. However, some GFCIs may activate with less than 5 milliamps, leading to unnecessary power cutoffs, especially with GFCI plugs rather than breakers.

We are informing you about this since not all GFCI devices are made the same, and there might be issues even though our products meet safety and signal standards. If this problem happens, the pumps have built-in safety features, and you can either plug them into a standard outlet or directly wire them, taking care to ensure all local laws and regulations are considered.